These are frequently asked questions about our auction web site:
What if I'm not already registered?
If you don't already have a "Password", you'll need to obtain one before you can view your "Wish List", "My Account", item details, or make a donation. Please click the "Sign In" link above and then select the "Find Record" button to search for a matching record using your last name, street number and email address. If you already have a complete record, then your password will be sent to your email address. If you have a record in the database, but haven't chosen a password then you'll have an opportunity to add this information. If there is no corresponding record already in the database, then you'll be given an opportunity to create one. When you return to the site, you'll then be able to "Sign In" with just your "Last Name" and "Password".

How do I obtain a digital picture for my donation?
You can create a picture yourself with a digital camera or obtain permission to use an existing digital image from the web. In this latter case, you can copy the image to your computer by right clicking on the image from your web browser, selecting "Save Picture As.." and then designating a name and location for the image on your computer. The auction website will optimize your digital picture to display as a 350 (wide) by 500 (high) pixel image, so you don't need to crop it yourself. The software won't enlarge your picture, however, so it must be at least 350 x 500 pixels to be displayed as a full size image. In order to minimize the amount of time necessary to upload your digital picture, we also recommend that you use an image file that is less than 500KB.

How do I submit a picture along with my donation?
Once you have the digital image stored on your computer, click the "Donate" button and complete the online procurement form. When you get to "Item Photo", please click the "Browse" button. This will take you to a "Choose File" dialog box. Select your digital image from the appropriate folder and then click "Open". This will return you to the procurement form with the digital image file and path name entered in the "Item Photo" textbox. Finish the remainder of the form and then complete your online donation by clicking the "Submit Item Information" button.

Can I donate an item online without a digital picture or web link?
While a digital picture and web link will enhance your item's presentation in the online catalog, they are entirely optional. If you donate an item without a digital picture, the auction logo will display in the image frame. Items without a web link will simply not display this field.

What if I'm donating an item from a company?
Case 1: If you have purchased an item from a company to donate to the auction, then complete the online procurement form and confirm that the "I Am The Donor" indicator is selected. You can include the company along with your name in the "Donor Name(s)" that are displayed in the catalog, but you will be considered the donor of this item.

Case 2: If you obtain an item that a company has donated to the auction, then please complete the online procurement form and select the "I Am Donating on Behalf of the Donor" indicator. This will automatically designate you as the "Item Solicitor" and display additional fields for you to enter the company's contact information. Since the company made this donation, they will be considered the donor of this item.

What if I want the value of my item to be "Priceless"?
If you click the "Display as 'Priceless'" checkbox in the online procurement form, it will display as 'Priceless' in the catalog. We are required to determine the fair market value of your item, so you'll still be prompted for its estimated value.

What if I want to email an item to a friend?
There is an "Email Item to Friend(s)" button on every Item's Detail page. If you want to share this item with a friend (or friends), please click this button and type the email address(es) in the form. If you are sending the email to multiple people, please separate their addresses with a semicolon and no spaces. The email message textbox will already include the name of the item and link to the corresponding Item Details page in the online Auction Catalog. You may personalize this message by typing whatever additional information you'd like in this textbox. When your friend(s) receive the message and click the link to the specific Item Details page, they will be asked to complete their "Sign In".

What if I still have questions?
If this information doesn't address your specific question, then click any of the "Contact" links that are located along the bottom of every page. You'll then be able to email us your question.